Mobile phones, tablets, cameras etc

Please complete the form below with as much detail as possible including your contact email address.  If the item is something that we record, you will be contacted by email with a lost property reference number.

In respect of the loss of mobile phones you should ensure that you have notified your Airtime provider to block the device. Please see below for links to local mobile telephone providers:

Does the item have a serial number or IMEI number?

If the item you have lost has a serial number, for example electrical devices, cameras, tablets etc or in the case of a mobile phone, an IMEI number, you can register it, free of charge, on (This includes bicycles). All data is downloaded onto the National Mobile Property Register (NMPR) which is used by police forces to search against for any identifiable items that have been handed in to the Police.

Please note that this form cannot be used for "found items". If you have found an item, please take it to Police Headquarters - please see our Visit the station page. Alternatively, please use our Found property form.

This form is specifically designed to facilitate the reporting of lost property online. We will contact you following completion of the form, to provide a reference number. In the event of an insurance claim this will be acceptable to most insurance companies.

Please note that we do not take reports of lost driving licences, which should be reported to your parish hall.

Lost animals which should be reported to the Animal Shelter.

Any lost keys handed in to the Police are available to view at the Enquiry Desk, and therefore we do not take lost property reports for keys.

Found items are retained for a maximum period of 3 months.

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Mobile Phone

If you are reporting a lost mobile phone please could you try and obtain the IMEI number. We can take reports without this but you will be recontacted and asked to provide it when we give you your lost property reference number.

The handset ID or 'IMEI' number can usually be found on your mobile phone packaging or alternatively obtained from your service provider.

Please specify: JT, Sure, Airtel-Vodafone (or other network provider)

Please provide any additional information that would help us to identify your property (e.g. case, damage or other marks).

Other Property

Please include as many details as possible, including any make(s), model(s), colour(s), serial number(s) where applicable and identifiable marks or personalised engraving. For common items (such as spectacles) please proivide as much detail as possible, to allow us to correctly match this report to any found property.

Please note that found items are retained for a maximum period of 6 months.

Please provide as much detail as possible.

Once received by States of Jersey Police the details of this form will be entered onto the States of Jersey Police property database and your reference number will be provided to you within 1 working day.

Lost property working hours are:

Monday - Sunday: 08:00 - 20:00


Whilst we will endeavour to provide your property number at a reasonable time of day, if demand in other areas dictates, your confirmation could arrive at any time. Please bear this in mind when selecting your preferred delivery method.

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