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Please select the appropriate heading for your loss enquiry:

The purpose of the States of Jersey Police recording lost property is to reunite items handed in as found with the lawful owner. Lost property reports must only be created where they will assist this aim.

Taking in lost property isn't a statutory duty for the police. However, we do take reports and accept found property when it:

  • is believed to be related to a crime
  • poses a direct threat to the public
  • contains personal details relating to the owner.

If you have lost an item, we recommend you always retrace your steps and make enquiries in the area(s) it may have been misplaced. If the item was lost or found on private property or on public transport, then we recommend the following advice.

Often private organisations will have their own lost and found property services; this includes places such as shops, clubs, the airport, the harbour, gyms, places of work, Liberty Bus and large public events. If so, they are best placed to deal with the items and should be the first point of contact.

If the item has a serial number you should also record the loss at Immobilise is the world's largest FREE register of possession ownership details and it is a very effective tool in helping to repatriate recovered personal property to its rightful owners.

How do we dispose of items that are unclaimed?

The States of Jersey Police dispose of items that are either unclaimed or unreturned under the States of Jersey Police Force (Disposal of Property) (Jersey) Order 2016. Items will only be disposed of after three months and any proceeds from the disposal will be credited to the Annual Income of the States.



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