Report Found Property

If you would like to report an item of found property, please see below for further guidance.

Is the item you have found identifiable, unlawful or dangerous?

Items such as bank cards, driving licences, passport, medals, knives, weapons, imitation firearms cannot be retained by you as the finder. These must be brought in to our Visitor Reception Centre. Please see our Visit our police station page for location and opening times.

Can the item be claimed?

Such items listed above will not be eligible to be claimed by you as the finder. Other items may be claimed after three months if the owner has not been traced.

How do we dispose of items that are unclaimed?

The States of Jersey Police dispose of items that are either unclaimed or unreturned under the POLICE FORCE (DISPOSAL OF PROPERTY) (JERSEY) REGULATIONS 1975. Items will only be disposed of after three months and any proceeds from the disposal will be credited to the Annual Income of the States.

Reporting Found property

Please use the form below to report the item you have found.

What happens if I report an item and I am allowed to retain it?

When a finder retains an item, appropriate details will be entered onto our Property Management System together with the fact that the finder has retained it. You will be advised, in order to minimise any criminal or civil liability, to retain the item for at least 28 days before disposing of it.

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