Report a crime

This form is specifically designed to facilitate the reporting of non-urgent crimes or an incident where the crime is no longer in progress and does not require an urgent police response. Examples of the crimes you can report using this form are: theft, theft from a motor vehicle, criminal damage/vandalism.

You should always call 999 immediately if:

  • A crime is being committed now
  • The offender is still there or nearby
  • People are injured, being threatened or in danger
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Please be as specific as possible, ie a road name or landmark

When did the incident begin?

If the incident lasted some time, when did it finish?

Please provide suspect details and what reason(s) you have for suspecting this person

Please list a make and model if known, and the approximate cost of the item

Please supply details of identity of witnesses, including full names and contact details (if known)

Please supply details of ownership and location of CCTV system, if known

It is an offence to make a false crime report. By making this submission you agree that you are willing to be contacted by States of Jersey Police for further details or to take a statement, if necessary.

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