Royal Visit 2012

The Prince of Wales won over the crowds on his visit to Jersey and tried his hand at a spot of wall climbing at Grainville School - in a double-breasted suit.

His Royal Highness thought nothing of grappling with hand holds as he tested his balancing skills during his Diamond Jubilee visit to the Channel Island with The Duchess of Cornwall.

At one point The Prince found himself having to stretch his legs to reach a foot hold but ended up smiling when his exertions were over.

John McGuinness, head teacher of Grainville School, said: "The Prince did quite a stretch in his suit and he drew a gasp from everyone including The Duchess.

"It just showed his willingness to have a go, amongst the young people in the gym they were taken with this and he will have earned some street cred with them."

Later The Prince and Duchess travelled to Royal Square for an open-air sitting of the States of Jersey, before meeting stall holders in the Central Market.

Surrounded by hundreds of well-wishers in the square, The Prince gave a speech praising the warm welcome from the crown dependency's people.

He said: "The people of Jersey also played their part in the Diamond Jubilee events in London and, most visibly, at the River Pageant on the Thames.

"We were very moved, I must say, to see Jersey's two boats there, including the island's first powered lifeboat, so lovingly-restored by the Maritime Museum.

"It gives me no pleasure, here in the sunniest part of the British Isles, to be reminded that the weather that day was especially suitable for a lifeboat and, someone said, for toads too."

In the square, The Prince unveiled a commemorative granite feature and a specially-commissioned artwork of the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant.

Their Royal Highnesses met stall holders in the nearby Central Market, a Victorian feature that has been regenerated in recent years.

The Royal couple then went on to the RJA&HS to view some of the famous Jersey herd and see the progress of the Parishes Battle float.

It was then to 16 New Street, the historical house lovingly restored by the National Trust for Jersey, before his final public engagement of the day at the Town Church.

From Jersey the Royal couple moved on to Guernsey, before visiting Sark and Alderney.


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