The States of Jersey Police has 10 fully trained motorbike officers  out on the roads.

In October 2012 the force unveiled four Honda Deauvilles, which are used by selected officers on each of the five shifts.

With a focus on reducing the number of serious injuries on our roads, the motorbikes have become an essential part of our road safety work as they represent a significant deterrent to those flouting road traffic laws.

And they have numerous other benefits because of their high visibility and ability to help officers respond effectively to incidents.

But the use of motorbikes is nothing new for the force.

In fact the arrival of motorbike cops predates the States of Jersey Police as we know it with the first bikes dating back to the 1930s, 20 years before the first police cars were used.

There have been many different types of police bikes rom the early BSA Rockets and a Velocette, which was water-cooled, to the Ariel and Norton used during the Occupation to the later BMWs and Hondas.

1959 Princess Margaret Escort

Over the years there have been specialist motorbike sections but mostly they were used by each shift that had a small fleet of vehicles each. 

Nowadays all shifts use the same vehicles, but the numbers have increased dramatically to cater for the needs of a modern police force.

In the 1990s as well as their role in road safety the motorcyclists also become something of an attraction, when they demonstrated some of their driving skills.

Jersey Police Motorcycle Display Open Day 1992 

Over the years the bikes have changed but the ethos of the role hasn’t – to respond quickly to emergencies and to educate on good driving behaviour.



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