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The States of Jersey Police has a force Twitter feed, a Facebook page, Instagram account and a YouTube Channel.  

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Social media gives the Force the chance to highlight criminal activity in your area and pass on really important crime prevention messages, as well as public information and advice.

We are here to have a conversation with you and we will join in as much as we can, but there are limitations in terms of the amount of time we can dedicate to it and the appropriateness of us discussing certain issues on a public forum.
We ask you to try and understand this and appreciate that sometimes we just cannot join in. So we will do our best to answer your questions, spark debate and be open with you, but there are times when we will not be able to reply, or we will ask you to call our 612612 non-emergency number for official police guidance, communicate with us in private via email, or even just state that we are unable to express an opinion.
If we did not believe in the importance of freedom of speech we would not be here at all and we want to hear your honest opinions, but we also want this to be a family friendly forum where young people can join in. We will not respond positively to swearing, or discriminative language or viewpoints. If this does happen, we may be forced to remove posts.
These feeds and pages are also not places to report crime. That is not because we do not take them seriously – it is because we simply do not have the resources to monitor them 24/7 and if we miss anything lives could be put at risk. Always call 999 in an emergency when an immediate response is needed because a crime is in progress; someone suspected of a crime is nearby; when there is danger to life or when violence is being used or threatened. 
612612 should be used to report less urgent crime or disorder or for general police enquiries.

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Our Force Control Rooms take thousands of calls every year, and are often asked very similar questions. In this section you will find some of those that are frequently asked

Accessing information

In this section are details on how to obtain criminal record checks, firearms certificates as well as other information.


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