Week 6 - They passed!

February 11th 2016 | PC Richie Vinen

Week 6:

Day 21:


We were joined today by PC BISSON who is TPD Jacks new dad and will be taking him through licensing. It was decided that we would go back to CHERTSEY to give PC BISSON a chance to have a look at Jack and work him through a couple of searches in a more neutral environment.

Two searches were put out with three hides in each, powders and cash. All teams completed the searches and as usual, the dogs did the majority of the work and located all the substances. During one of the searches TPD TROOPER cut his pad and had to be rested for the remainder of the day to give it time to heal. Due to our imminent licensing day our instructor didn’t want to over work the dogs and he decided to give them all a couple of easy days.

During the evening we went to CHERTSEY MEAD offices across the road and completed a further two searches for powders and a gun, apart from TPD TROOPER who was looking very sad in the van after not being allowed to come out and play. Nice day and very nice to see TPD JACK with his new dad.

Day 22:


Back to PORTESBURY for some pre-licensing work. Our instructor Andy put out two searches within the school including, street seizure powders, gun and bulk substances. The dogs worked very well and all substances were recovered.

After spending the morning at the school we headed to STONEBRIDGE to complete some more vehicle work. Three vehicles were selected and Andy hid bulk substances and a shotgun in the cars. The dogs are now very comfortable around and in vehicles and all went to work locating the items very quickly which was lovely to see. After the searches had finished Andy spoke with us all making sure we were happy before licensing the following day. I think we were all slightly apprehensive but confident that we had put the effort in and our dogs were very capable of finding all the substances. After all every dog handler will tell you “TRUST YOUR DOG”.

DAY 23:


Licensing is not carried out by the instructors that train you and they have to be from an outside force. Our assessor was PC Craig LAWLOR from Kent Police Dog School who we met early on Wednesday morning. Craig told us not worry and to treat it as a normal training day. After collecting all the substances we made our way to Woking Sea cadet centre for Round 1. Craig and Andy disappeared in to the building and came back some time later. We were told which areas were in play and which were out of bounds. A starting order was decided with PC GREEN going first with TPD SCOUT, then me with TPD MEG, then TPD TROOPER with PC HALE and finally TPD JACK with PC BISSON. As usual with any form of assessment or test we all made a few silly mistakes and were disappointed with our first searches. However the dogs worked hard we all located all but one hide which was our fault and not the dogs.

Our second search in one of the rooms upstairs was much better and the dogs located the hide very quickly which made us all feel much brighter. After round 1 and round 2 we made our way to STONEBRIDGE for vehicle searches and an outdoor search. We all had to search two vehicles and complete and outdoor route type search. On searching the first vehicle TPD MEG was giving me nothing and I felt a bit of panic rising that I had missed something. However Meg was not giving me anything at all and she has a top nose so I walked away from the car declaring to the instructor that we didn’t find anything as there was nothing to find. Craig gave the nod that this was correct and we moved on to the second vehicle where Meg quickly located the hide and got her tennis ball.

All the other teams did well with the vehicles and the outside search with all substances located which made us all feel that the day had gone better that we thought. On returning to Surrey Police Dog School at the end of the day Craig sat us all down and gave us all a bit of feedback which constructive and worthwhile. He then told us that we had all passed and we were all now licensed Proactive Drugs/cash and guns search dog teams. As you can imagine we were all very pleased and the day had gone better than we all thought.

DAY 24:

Presentation day and clean up. We spent the morning cleaning all the vans, washing the dogs, cleaning the kennels and sorting uniform out for meeting the chief. At 14:00 we headed to the Chiefs lawn with our lovely dogs and in full No 1 uniform to receive our certificates and to have photos taken. It was a very proud moment which we all thoroughly enjoyed. After the presentations that was the course over. PC BISSON had to leave early as he was flying home and I was not due to leave until 02:00hrs Friday morning with all three dogs on board for a drive to POOLE to catch the fast ferry back home at 06:00hrs.

Fantastic course which I have thoroughly enjoyed, big thank you to Surrey Police Dog school and their instructors Andy HAYWARD and Andy MANSBRIDGE. Huge thank you to the people that made the course so enjoyable PC DI BRISTOW and PD DUKE, PC Chris HALE and PD TROOPER and PC Scott GREEN and PD SCOUT. Good luck all, three awesome dog teams.

I arrived back in Jersey lunchtime on Friday and handed PD JACK over to PC BISSON at the harbour. Within an hour of handing JACK over, PC BISSON had been contacted and asked to attend a LIVE job. PD JACK carried out a search and within 1 minute got his first live hit. Well done Jack and Dave. Brilliant start and that must be a some sort of record.

See you all out there!



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