Week 5 - Last week of training

February 5th 2016 | PC Richie Vinen

Week 5:

Day 17:


We now have a new instructor Andy Mansbridge and headed to Chertsey Mead school so Andy could see all our dogs working. We started with two searches for small amounts of powders. Andy pushed the dogs and us by hiding some of the drugs in very tricky locations. A few lessons were learnt by all the teams, which is only a good thing.

During the second part of the day we moved to the training block at HQ where we all conducted a long search with four hides. One of these was high up in a picture frame which was very tough but all the dogs achieved it with some help from the instructor and handler. Excellent days training and another steep learning curve for all teams.

Day 18:


Andy decided to take us to a very nice venue today and push the dogs a little further and give the handlers a nervous breakdown working in a very clean/tidy and expensive looking area. We conducted two searches in different areas of the club, one being along the corridor and into the changing rooms for cash and the second through the restaurant and bar area for small amounts of powder. This venue was live and as we were searching people were walking around and there were even customers sitting in the café area having coffee. Obviously they were all very taken with TPD Meg. Difficult morning with a few tricky areas which made us think and we all learned from.

After lunch we headed to STONEBRIDGE to carry out a good session on vehicles. Andy set up four vehicles for us with one hide in each and told us the hide could be anywhere, inside/outside/under/engine or boot. Fun afternoon searching the different types of vehicles and all the dogs did really well and located all the hides successfully.

Day 19:


Fully live working venue including forklifts moving around and a large number of trucks and employees coming and going constantly. Andy put out a total of seven hides in different areas of the warehouse, main floor, ambient temperature store, cold temperature store, storage racks and the back of a truck. Difficult day due to the amount happening all around us, however the dogs did brilliantly and all hides were located by our little friends.

Day 20:


Due to prior engagements we were looked after today by another instructor Simon Boylett, who took us to TILLFORD SCOUT CAMP and put out three long search areas. One along a river bank, one through the woods and the final one around some buildings. All the hides were bulk cannabis and a firearm. All teams achieved all searches very well and all handlers were very happy with the results. After the searches we managed to fit in a bit of training for the big dogs PD ACHILLES and PD TORA who had both come out with us for the day. PC HALE got to go and hide in the woods whilst Achilles and Tora went to find him.

Great morning at a very large open venue with lots of game running around which didn’t put TPD Meg off to much at all. During the afternoon we headed back to HQ and carried out an operational scenario with limited intel to identify and search two areas to locate drugs and firearms. After some further consideration of the search area we developed our intel and located all three hides and recovered the job specific notes that had been put with the hides to prove we had located them.

Excellent weeks training and out final week prior to assessment time in week 6.




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