Week 2

September 18th 2014 | New Recruit

Our alarms were set for 5.30am; the day was upon us when we were to fly over to join the Guernsey recruits for the first time of many. Having spoken to them in our first week via Skype and Facebook, we were confident we would settle in quickly and would fit in well to the Guernsey group. On arrival, the group were very welcoming and assumed unprompted role as luggage carriers and coffee makers to make us feel at home. We were even presented with home baked cakes! Being of similar ages and discovering common interests aided the blending in process and by the end of the first day we were feeling comfortable in our new training environment.

Tuesday was an exciting day – our first opportunity to go out and interact with the public in full uniform. Having previously been taught how to create an effective survey, we had designed six questions to go out and ask people in order to gauge their opinion of police presence and communication principles. Placed either at The Bridge, St Martins or St Peter Port in Guernsey we had an enjoyable morning milling around and striking up conversations with passers-by. The media also showed an interest, giving us our first opportunity to give radio and newspaper interviews.

A bowling evening was arranged for us by the Guernsey students and was a great laugh. It was a chance to see a little more of Guernsey outside our hotel and training rooms and to have a chance to get to know each other out of uniform. The person with the lowest score had to buy the entire team ice creams the next day – it got very competitive.

Another fun part of the week was a day of team building activities with outdoor Guernsey, which included blind folded tasks, structure building, rope pulling and building tasks out in the woods. The tasks served their purpose and allowed the team to work together and get more comfortable with each other. Coasteering was the afternoon’s activity which I found to be brilliant fun. If you liked rock climbing, rock jumping, heights and sea swimming you were in your element, if not it was a little torturous!


Thursday brought another day in the classroom and an enlightening lesson on the importance of equality and diversity. We also spent part of the day preparing a presentation for the Senior Management team which was to draw together the findings of our public research survey from

earlier in the week.


After having had our weekly parade uniform inspection on Friday morning, we carried out final practices and preparations and welcomed four members of the Senior Management Team to the training centre to hear our presentation. It was a nerve-wracking yet beneficial experience, as they received our points well and asked many questions to further unpick the public responses and our interpretations. It was a great chance to become more confident at creating PowerPoint presentations and speaking in public.

A brilliant action-packed first week of training in Guernsey was only slightly tarnished by a delayed flight home even when the weather was beautiful, although we were secretly enjoying the delay going home and having to begin the weekends learning and reading tasks!



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