Week Three

September 23rd 2014 | PC Liam Coles

The beginning of week 3 was exciting as it was the start of what we like to call the ‘nitty gritty’, the more in depth and involved learning.

We received our introduction to Officer Safety Training which takes up the entire of next week and apart from the Monday morning, will be completely physical training consisting of a variety of self-defence lessons and how to operate our equipment properly.

Learning to use our radios on Tuesday was a massive relief despite us all being overly concerned we would accidentally push the ‘red button’ (an emergency button). The radios were surprisingly easier to use than we had expected although the way to communicate over them will be something very important to learn in our roles.

A crucial part of the week was learning how to use our pocket notebooks and how to write a witness statement. An ‘incident’ was set up for us so that we could record it in our notebooks and later write a witness statement as homework. It was fair to say we all missed out a lot of information, however it was a great practise to get us started as the pocket notebooks will be used every day.

Friday was the biggest day of the week for all of us. It consisted of a uniform inspection, arrest practicals and a knowledge check.

The arrest practicals gave us an opportunity to make our first arrest. Although they were set to be basic, the nerves were very much still present. The feedback that we had was very constructive and there were some good stories of things that were missed out (my suspect still had a wrench in her hand when we got to custody!).

The last part of Friday was a knowledge check to test us on the last 3 weeks. The pass mark was 60%, and we all passed!





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