Week Seven

October 13th 2014 | PC 416 Chris Pace

So out of nowhere week 7 has appeared and with it comes First Aid and Public order training.

I think it is fair to say everyone was looking forward to this week and the anticipation built was certainly not let down when the lessons started.

Nine of us had already done some form of First Aid training ranging from First Aid at work to the full course run by St Johns Ambulance. This allowed the learning environment to be quite relaxed and for a few the opportunity to reinforce their existing knowledge was present.

Every so often to check learning, group practical’s were conducted. The information learnt was then to be presented to the other groups. Any means could have been used, but everyone seemed to of found their inner acting selves, let’s say Hollywood is not going to be an option for most and maybe Made in Chelsea for one.

Apart from very poor acting everyone took away a plethora of extremely valuable skills, these ranged from conducting a primary survey on a casualty, the implementation of CPR and using an Automated External Defibrillator, to dealing with a choking child, cuts bruise’s sprains and even spinal injuries.

To make sure these skills had successfully been learnt we spent the whole of Wednesday doing role play scenarios, either on our own or in pairs. The situations were made as realistic as possible by the training staff and role players. The situations we were faced with certainly made us take action quickly.

The mood on Thursday and Friday would best be described like excited school children; it’s fair to say people were looking forward to Public Order Training. We arrived at the Guernsey Police Station and assembled in the briefing room for a safety brief and a quick run through of the National Decision Model, and then it was time to kit up!

Week 8 Helmets

An hour later we were up at Les Maingys Scout Centre ready to rock. The training was conducted in real time, so we were taught a procedure then replicated it as a group, and before long we were resembling an organised unit working as a team.

With the basic steps out the way we then looked at covered approaches to buildings, forming 8 and 3 person shielded teams to approach, open, enter and take a room or building.

On Friday these techniques were further expanded upon for use in a cell environment, for dealing with non-cooperative or violent individuals.

On Friday afternoon everything we learnt was put in to a full scale scenario, starting with a simple peaceful protest that quickly turned in to a street riot. We successfully pushed the rioters back, but two escaped to a nearby building, leading to a standoff and an eventual taking of the building and arrest of the suspected rioters.

Friday afternoon approached all too quickly; we all left tired and sweaty but with huge grins spread across our faces.



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