Week One

September 9th 2014 | PC 416 Chris Pace

Nervousness, apprehension and a lot of excitement are one of many ways I could say I was feeling on Saturday morning as I was getting ready for my first new job in 11 years.


Pictured above: The Four new Jersey recruits after their swearing in at the Royal Court

It was clear when I met up with the other three new recruits that I wasn’t the only one feeling this mixture of emotions, something I think we all took solace in.

As the day unfolded we met our training staff and got introduced to our new home, along with all the dos, don’ts and common idiosyncrasies that go along with such an organisation. To say the influx of information wasn’t overwhelming at the time would be a lie. Even though we knew before joining, it was now very clear that we were in a uniformed service with an extremely high standard required of us.

In the following days we quickly adjusted to our surroundings and started gaining more of an insight to what our training would be about and how events were going to happen.

One process we all found quite entertaining was getting our fingerprints taken by the CSI team, not a clean task by any stretch of the imagination, which for one person was only made worse when they had to repeat the process a couple of times, The question of wearing white shirts whilst doing this was raised a few times!

 During the week we had a number of uniform inspections, with the bar being raised each time. These along with future ones are to ensure we meet and continue to meet a good standard of dress, but most importantly for us as new recruits it meant looking the nest we could for our trip to Royal Court on Friday morning.

Heading to the Royal Court was a fantastic experience for us all, in our Number One uniforms we walked from the station through town and to the Royal Square, our first time in uniform out on the streets which made us all feel quite proud.

The reason for doing all this was a very special one, on this day we were sworn in as Police Officers in front of the Royal Court by the Deputy Bailiff, this was followed up with a small ceremony at the Savoy Hotel where the Deputy Chief Officer presented us with our Warrant cards.

With one week down we set our sights on the impending shift to the Training centre in Guernsey.



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