Week Five

September 30th 2014 | G Neil - Gsy Recruit

Welcome to the week 5 student officer blog. Time has flown so quickly and much to our disbelief we are now a third of the way through our training programme!

This week has been based solely in the classroom, where we have been learning a large chunk of the law element. Lessons have included the study of offences such as larceny/theft, break and entry and robbery. These were interesting crimes to learn about, as the definitions and governing laws are made up of lots of little parts with exceptions and further considerations for specific situations. Although the lessons have been interesting and full of enlightening examples, the important law definitions associated with each offence in particular have been difficult to learn. The Jersey larceny/theft definition alone is 10 lines! The group have found themselves using all sorts of weird and wonderful methods to try and learn these in order to apply them in the exam.

We also learned about our powers to arrest and powers to enter premises before and after arresting a suspect. We applied our knowledge and theory of these in practical scenarios, where our tutors and actors created unknown scenarios for us individually and would mark us on our actions and efforts in dealing with these situations. We were all very nervous beforehand, due to the uncertainty of what we would face. To add to the pressure, Inspector Bisson and Sergeant Beechey from the Jersey Police training team had flown over, and were due to sit in on these practical exams. Although some amusing mistakes were made, the practicals as a whole went well. We have all found these tasks to be a steep learning curve every week, but understand that we learn best by making mistakes and would prefer to learn from our weaknesses now rather than out in the real world.

Learning the offences of going equipped and offensive weapons was made fun by the introduction of group work. Each group were given a different part of the offence e.g. adapted weapons and a medium by which to present their findings and explanations. For offensive weapons, the three groups used the white boards to draw examples, made physical example weapons, made up a story and the final group made up a rap to the theme tune of Fresh Prince of Bel Air! For going equipped, each group had to produce a real life scenario, and present it through acting, limericks or written down on the board. Each of these tasks was very enjoyable and allowed us all to tap into our creative sides while learning the laws and how to apply them.

To finish off the week it was time for a knowledge check to test our understanding of the week’s lessons. This would be followed in week 6 by our first major exam, so was a somewhat practice run for looking at everything we have learned so far and learning how to apply this to real life scenarios. The weekend was to be one filled with revision, but Friday brought a sense of accomplishment to the group having got through a week full of law and tests, and still managing to smile by the end!



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