Week Eight

October 20th 2014 | Student Officer Trenchard

Half way there! It has gone so quickly!

The week started with a knowledge check on all the legislation we had learned up to date, we all passed with high marks.

This is the first of two weeks on learning the laws associated with Traffic. Traffic law somewhat differs from normal crime as Traffic is very black and white in the way it works. You either have committed the offence or not.

The week has mainly focused on the main definitions and the main offences such as Vehicle Defects. We learned about licencing and insurance of vehicles as well the ownership and rights to use a vehicle. We learned about Fixed Penalty Notices and the offences where we can issue them and what offences lead to what amount to be fined.

Throughout the week, Sergeant Tostevin has been with us furthering our knowledge on road traffic policing. He helped teach us the importance and good methods on filling out our Form 18's (the traffic offence pink slip) by doing a short exercise with him.

For me especially, this has been a very interesting week. As traffic offence mostly doesn't involve just arresting or reporting the person's involved.

On the Friday it was our chance to put into practice what we had learnt in some practical scenarios. We had an outside role-player come in with his car so that we could practice, stopping a motor vehicle and identify offences and then carry out the correct and appropriate action.

This has put us in a good understanding on the subject of Traffic. Only to get harder but more interesting next week when we deal with some of the more higher level traffic offence such as Drink Driving and also begin to look in depth into Road Traffic Collisions.



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