Week 9

November 2nd 2013 | Adrian Hobson

Week 9 saw the recruits move away from traffic offences and onto malicious damage offences, arson, criminal attempts and receiving stolen goods. The group as a whole were quite happy to leave traffic offences behind!
Monday morning we had our input on malicious damage and arson. We had to carry out a role play for our arson lesson which demonstrated to the others the difference between the common law offence and the Fire Service (Jersey) Law 1957 offence.

Role plays are a great way of learning for the group and every one of us seems to think we deserve an Oscar for our acting skills. 
In the afternoon we had another Drill lesson. This time the lesson was held where we are actually going to be passing out. I think for a lot of us, especially myself, it hit home that the end of the course is nearing closer and I will soon have my family and close friends watching me try not to make a fool of myself. Everything went well and the group are marching together in good timing, we did try a move called “the about turn” on the march but this clearly was too much for our minds and feet to deal with so Sergeant Hayden quickly dropped that!

Tuesday was something called Volunteers day. This involved 12 of us going to help out Autism Jersey and six of us going to help Jersey Hospice. 
It was a hard day’s graft and I was one of the groups at Autism Jersey and I thoroughly enjoyed the day. We had to help out the store on Bath Street clean up their yard and build a shed so they could store things correctly as their kitchen area was a bit of a mess. The two ladies who we met running the store also explained to us the importance of the shop and how it helps people with autism build up their confidence. It was great to see the finished work and how happy the store was with the end product.

On top of this BBC Jersey, Channel TV and Channel 103 interviewed a couple of us and did a story on the day. This is great for the recruits to be able to get involved with the community in such a positive way and it also helps develop our communication skills. 
Wednesday morning we had an inspection with Inspector Breeze and generally this went well, he seemed happy with our turn out. Although because he is an Inspector it is standard for us to refer to him as SIR not SARGE as one of the recruits found out.

 We had our input from the Licensing Unit in for the rest of the day. I personally found this very interesting as I used to run a bar back in England so it was good to see the differences between the laws. A bit of a shock for the recruits was to learn that it is an offence to be drunk in a licensed premise! 
Thursday we had more role play learning for criminal attempts. All in all a good learning day for the recruits.
In the afternoon we had our life savers training and we were swimming for three hours! This was a good lesson for us as we had to deal with different situations as we saw fit. This involved us determining which casualty in the water is the priority, which is quite difficult when both are panicking and drowning!

The Friday was our chance to choose what practical situations we had to deal with. We had two to choose, out of traffic offences, drunk in a public place, stop and search and powers of entry. This is quite a new method for us as normally we have one type of scenario to deal with. This gave us a chance to maybe boost our confidence on something we didn’t feel went particularly well last time around or try and deal with a scenario we wanted to learn more from. 
I chose traffic offences and stop and search. I felt that with both of these I needed a confidence boost so brushed up my knowledge the day before and the practical’s both went really well. Our training team feedback was very good and they could all see noticeable improvement in our confidence and also skill set. We are well on our way and we can only keep on improving!


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