Week 5

October 5th 2013 | Melanie Langton & Matthew Cooper

The week started on Sunday with the Joint Force’s Open Day and Operation Bakewell. All probationers were called upon to help out on the day and our duties ranged from selling cakes to blowing up balloons and being handcuffed over and over again by Staff Carre. We even managed to sneak a few samples of some of the cakes that were being tasted by Shaun Rankin. This was the first time all of us had been in contact with the public in our uniforms and we thoroughly enjoyed it.

We were back to work as normal on Monday which involved mostly law based subjects such as Stop and Search and Offensive Weapons. They say you learn something new every day – today I learnt that a stiletto heel is an offensive weapon in the right (or wrong) circumstances. I’ll never look at my shoes in the same way again.


Tuesday and Wednesday were spent out of the classroom in a more relaxed atmosphere. We spent the two days covering Equality and Diversity. The first thing given to us was a questionnaire to find out what things we have a negative feeling about. Some of the things on the list included Germans on holiday, people who don’t pick up after their dog and people with dirty finger nails. One person in particular has a real dislike for dirty finger nails so we are now all making sure we keep them clean!

Thursday started with an inspection at 8am and the usual frantic checking of each other’s uniforms to ensure there were no stray hairs or fluff visible. This was followed by a drill with Sergeant Hayden in the rain. No matter how many times he tells us that it is “just walking” we still manage to end up out of step and stepping on each other’s shoes. Straight after the drill we had the pleasure of our third attempt at role plays. However, this time we were on our own rather than in pairs so the pressure was on. The scenarios ranged from a gentleman in Waitrose using someone else’s credit card to a window cleaner acting suspiciously with stolen items in a bucket.

The week ended with our first exam based on everything we had learnt in the last 5 weeks, and I’m pleased to say all the recruits passed. There was no time to breathe after the exam as we were thrown straight back into the classroom to learn about Assault, Breach of the Peace, Public Nuisance, Affray, Drunk and Disorderly and Drunk and Incapable. By the end of the day our heads were about ready to burst so a few celebratory drinks were planned for the evening, but not too many as we are all taking part in the Jersey marathon relay at the weekend.



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