Week 4

September 28th 2013 | Brad Chellingworth

As we started into week 4 the group seemed a lot closer, everyone has had a chance to get to know each other and we all seem to be feeling a little more at home around the police head quarters. 
Monday was a very heavily classroom based day with lots of material to cover, we began the morning by meeting Superintendent Gull who shared with us some of his vast experience including work on some major incidents in Jersey. We then went on to learn about Larceny(Theft) and Robbery.
Although having done the reading before hand on the topics there were a few confusing aspects however our tutors are very patient and managed to answer all our questions, even some of the sillier ones. Later on in the afternoon we had a presentation from the CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) department aka SOCO (Scenes of Crime Officers). I think going into this presentation everyone had their own idea of CSI from the plethora of movies and TV shows on the subject, However the real deal is quite different although the basic principles remain the same.

Tuesday began with looking at Break and Entry. Although it can sometimes seem a little bit strange as to what does and what does not consist of break and entry, having completed the class and the exercises I think everyone managed to understand the difference between Break and Entry and Illegal Entry. 
Later that afternoon we had a presentation from AXXA on infection control, followed by Hepatitis B immunisation Jabs. Luckily most of the group were ok with needles except one (not mentioning names...Matt *cough*), who also happens to be one of the biggest guys in the group which did make it a little more funny, however once he found out that there was a lollipop and a sticker in it for him, he couldn't wait!
Wednesday began by looking at Powers of Entry in the morning and Later that morning we had a fun team building challenge. We were all given various pieces of information relating to a fictional murder that had taken place and although we weren't allowed to show the rest of our team our exact list of details, we were allowed to work as a team to put all the pieces together to establish 4 Facts: Who was dead, Who killed them, When did they kill them and Why. To make this challenge a little more difficult we were told that within each group there would be one person who would subtly try to throw the investigation by either trying to waste time or by withholding or misrepresenting certain pieces of information. In the end it was revealed that the saboteur was in fact a red herring designed to plant a seed of doubt in our minds as to our team mates intentions and integrity. It was amazing to see the effects it had on the team when everyone was suspicious of everyone else's commitment to the team goals. We also had a chance to "Bag and Tag" some mock evidence such as wallets, mobile phones etc. We were told to pick items that we might realistically come across in our daily duties, having said that I'm sure there were a few guns and a hand grenade getting bagged up (not real ones of course).
Thursday morning we had a quick test on the theory we had covered so far then we were into full uniform with hats and radios and loaded into vans, It was time for Role plays.
Despite the fun sounding name, these are quite nerve wrecking times. This is where actors/other police officers act out scenarios for us and we have to deal with them using the knowledge we have learnt thus far. As we have only covered certain areas, a lot of it is guess work and we have to assume what the correct way to deal with it is, however we are really only being judged on how we dealt with the certain areas of which we have covered. The scenarios I dealt with were, a domestic call where our lovely HR manager was an angry wife who had assaulted her husband and was still fuming when we arrived, and lets just say she is a really convincing actor!!! the other was a simple search for a stolen mobile phone. The afternoon was then spent writing up our statements from the mornings incidents.
Friday - the day we had all been anticipating. On our schedules it simply had the entire day down as "Team Building" and no one would give us any more information. We were told the night before that we were to all meet at 7:00am at Val De La Mare reservoir in St Ouens and dress for outdoor activities and be prepared to do a lot of walking. We ended up trekking to La Brae Slip, investigating staged crime scenes and carrying some 50Kg dummies along the way. There were also various challenges and puzzles along the way, eventually ending at the Air training Core where the staff had cooked us some well needed bbq food! It was a great day, everyone pulled together and worked really hard.


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