Week 1

September 7th 2013 | Josef Farrington

So I have had the pleasure of writing up the first week in the States of Jersey Police as my new role of Student Officer. I have met 12 fellow students who will be spending the next 15 weeks with and I am sure we will have many things thrown at us in the coming weeks. One of whom unfortunately will be leaving us shortly due to his prior experience with the Greater Manchester Police and will be joining the shift very soon. 
We started day one on the Saturday at 8am. This was filled with a lot of ground rules and the basics such as uniform preparation. We also had a lesson from Staff Fay to show the non-ironers of the group how to iron and how to get our boots looking up to standard. 
Sunday morning started with a fitness test which is the bleep test. I thought I would get this out the way and put myself forward for the first session. Unfortunately just as we got near the passing mark the CD player decided to pack up meaning that I had to do the test a second time. Of course my score was then nowhere near to what I wanted it to be! Along with learning about some of the computers systems in place we had the experience of our first drill. The only problem for this is that I have two left feet. This made my experience quite a new one and slightly confusing one for me. 
Monday started off with an inspection which meant no hair, thread or fluff to be on any part of uniform, shirts and trousers ironed correctly and boots to be nice and shiny. Unfortunately my trousers had an extra crease where my trousers are hung up which was noticed. And remember to shave each day guys!
The rest of the week we experienced talks from various departments with one ending with a Thornton's chocolate butterfly. Thanks Mark! We also started with our pocket notebooks and how to complete these correctly as well as our radio codes.  
Wednesday was the first day most of us were dreading. A spray to the face with CS spray. We all partnered off and I decided not to put myself forward for the first one. I had to look after Matt during his experience of the spray. For the first few seconds he was ok, and then the full effects took place. The sight of Matt was not a pleasant one as the spray tends to set off all your sinuses. After walking Matt around for about 15 minutes, it was my turn to experience the spray. I must say at first I thought that Matt had been a bit of a wimp, but 20 seconds later, could see why Matt was the way he was. Whilst I write this at 20.35pm on the Wednesday evening, I can honestly say that my nose is still sore (like I have been blowing my nose constantly for several days) and my lips are very dry so my advice is to stay well clear if you see CS spray being drawn!
Wednesday night ended with our family meeting the training and HR team and to get an idea of what we will be experiencing over the next 14 and a bit weeks. 
So Thursday morning started with getting the groups measurements for their protective vests then to a talk about the Police National Computer system. We then paired off into different groups to learn about the use of radios and radio talk and the other group to learn about the IT systems in place.  
Unfortunately I was not there but one of the Student Officers, not only activated the emergency button which normally sends the control room into a high state of alert but when speaking on the radio, asked for an urgent assistance when doing a simple persons check. Thankfully this was all on the training radio channel! 



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