One week down!

February 9th 2013 | Daniel Grigoras

I finally feel that my nerves are easing and are taken over by a complete body ache after an hour and ten minutes of continuous running from Rouge Bouillon to St Aubin and back.

In the beginning I had lots of concerns and expectations about the job – What will I be doing? What is the role? How will the shifts work? What they are going to teach us?

Most of these questions were answered in this first week by our training staff, which by the way appear to be quite strict on discipline but at the same time make you feel welcome to your new chosen future.

For me this is the first time I have joined a uniformed services and it is a bit of culture and routine shock, it is taking me about 2 hours to get ready every day and about 3-4 hours to get my boots up to standard!

It is great to sit in the training room together with quality individuals, like little stars looking forward to getting the energy and knowledge in order to shine brighter and brighter.

And after week one the two words that stick in my head are: Team work and Discipline!



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