Week 9 - Drunk goggles and lifesaving

April 6th 2013 | Heather Chapman

This week has been a short, four-day week as it was Easter bank holiday on Monday. We had a late start on Tuesday in order for us to get over to Jersey from Guernsey.
We started in the station on Tuesday at 2pm in the Classroom with Staff Fay. He had come up with an interesting game so we could see what happens when someone is under the influence of alcohol and the impacts it has on their abilities. 
This game consisted of us getting in teams of two and one of each team wearing a pair of “drunk” goggles, for this exercise I was paired with fellow Guernsey Student Ben. 
We were instructed to stand about 1 to 2 metres away from each other, we were then handed a ping pong ball, one for each pair, and told to see if we could catch the ball when wearing the goggles … we all failed!
However my aim, much to Ben’s annoyance seemed to improve whilst wearing the goggles, and when throwing the ball back, I managed to get him square on the nose.  Staff Fay then lined the people with the goggles on to line up at the far end of the room, he laid six chocolate fingers on the table at the front of the class and told us to go and pick one up, this was very funny to watch but made you feel rather dizzy when taking part.  At the end of the task most of us felt like we had a rather bad hangover… not that I know what that is like!
After our fun start to the day we had an exam on traffic, which I am pleased to say we all passed … just. 
After this stressful experience we had a quick break in order to get ready for drill.  Once ready for drill we thought we would be good and wait by the minibus for staff, but after 10 minutes of waiting we got cold, so I went to find staff, who were trying to rearrange the drill, as they found out that A. BARTLETT (where we do drill) was closing before we would be able to finish our drill practice.
Once we had put everything back away in the locker room we retired to the classroom for a lesson with Staff Milner on Criminal Damage and Malicious Damage (as we call it two different things throughout the two islands).
This lesson was very interesting however as it was  getting close to dinner time stomachs were beginning to grumble and concentration levels began to drop slightly … my cheese burger that night was very much needed!
When Wednesday came we were all expecting it to be a very long boring day of Licensing, however much to our surprise it was a very interesting morning with Staff Malzard, the Jersey licensing officer. She made the day very enjoyable and interactive for us all, I won’t go into much detail as I think it would bore most of you reading this. 
In the afternoon when we were settling down to complete a small knowledge check with Staff Fay, a role play unfolded in front of us, involving the Jersey Firearms team.  Let’s just say when someone runs in the room shouting it can scare the living daylights out of you. I was jumping out of my seat every time the door opened for the rest of the day.
On Thursday we spent the day at Langford swimming pool doing our Police Life Saving qualification.  It was a long day with few breaks, but when we had time for fun, we did it well! 
The day consisted of a few practices in the pool in the morning, followed by an interactive lesson of CPR and water safety before lunch at 12. By half 12 we were back in the Dance studio… no not dancing, but doing CPR in pairs. Once we were comfortable with this we went back down to the pool for a final practice before our assessments at 3.30pm. As we finished our practice at roughly 3pm we had time to relax before the pressure was on so we had a quick game of volleyball/water polo.
During the assessment we had to demonstrate a tow, a wade rescue, a rope throw and a non-contact swimming rescue. At the very end we were presented with an incident and told to deal with it as we saw fit and I am pleased to say we all passed!


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