Week 8 - The halfway mark

March 30th 2013 | Juliette Morris

So, we have officially passed the halfway mark, with only seven weeks of classroom based training left before we are let loose to walk the beat - under very close supervision might I add!
The beginning of our week we were straight back into traffic law with focus on the more minor traffic offences. Our trainers gave us the opportunity to test our own teaching skills and we were split into groups and tasked with presenting to the class on the various offences.
My group opted to go with a very interactive approach and created a quiz,  which involved a chocolate prize for the winning team. To put it mildly this really brought out the competitive streak in everyone. All I'm going to say is hats off to the Training Department for standing at the front of that classroom day in and day out putting up with us!
The second half of our week focused on the very serious drink driving related offences. The devastating pictures and stories from our very experienced trainers really put this into perspective.
Following the theory we were taught how to use the breathalyser. I was used as the dummy in this exercise and, considering a fail is 35, I shocked the class when I blew 196. Unknown to them I had been given a spray of alcoholic mouth wash! I redeemed myself 20 minutes later when I thankfully blew green.
We had more role plays towards the end of the week to put all our newly gained knowledge to the test. We all got stuck in and it was great to see everyone growing in confidence.
On Saturday we volunteered to help out with the Force's charity Operation Goodwill's duck race. Being one of our first public appearances in uniform, we were all rather anxious, but once the crowds started rolling in our minds were soon focused on manning the stalls and ensuring that the excited children stayed away from the stream for the duck race. Fortunately we didn't have to put our newly found life saving skills into practice! We raised lots of money for two great charities, Autism Jersey and Robin Ward, and a great day was had by all.
There was a rather sad note to the end of the week when we said goodbye to our trainer PC Bourgaize who returned to Guernsey having done a sterling job of teaching us over the past two months. We are however welcoming PC Milner from Guernsey who is bravely joining us on Monday!


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