Week 7 part 2 - Rules of the road

March 24th 2013 | Ben Batiste

Friday 15th March

This day took place at Jersey Air Cadet base and began with a rather precarious session of drill, and although our drill skills have improved dramatically from the first practice the ice and cramped car park we had to manoeuvre around made for a rather comical sight for any onlookers, we also weren’t in uniform and rather impractically I had decided to wear a thin pair of shoes which allowed the cold to seep through, this made the long periods standing in patches of snow almost unbearable!
We then had an officer safety recap session which was helpful as I was particularly worried about not knowing how to handle myself.
It was a good session and the experience of Staff Carre giving us his practical experience from his long serving career as an officer was invaluable. I was amazed at how much of the training I had retained from the initial week of officer safety training.
Following the theme of the previous week we had a couple of search practical's which were a great recap of what we had learnt throughout the previous week.

Monday 18th March

This week began our lessons on traffic offences and legislation, we arrived on station and were faced with a knowledge check based on everything that we had covered over the previous weeks.  We (the Guernsey officers) were split from the Jersey officers in order to complete our traffic legislation work as the differences in legislation make delivering a joint lesson impossible. We covered content that included definition of a ‘public highway’ and a ‘vehicle’.

Tuesday 19th March

Today began with a sharp start due to an inspection with Inspector Bisson, I always find inspections a really great team building exercise as the 15 minutes leading up to the inspection everyone is in the classroom helping each other to look as impeccable as possible, there is no element of competitiveness at this point however it is always nice to hear the Jersey/Guernsey officers are looking better than their counterparts (I have to admit the Jersey officers are beating us in this respect, but this will change!).
We then had a session in the classroom with Superintendent Bastable, He, like me, was new to Jersey having only been here for a week, I could relate to where he was coming from with the place being really alien, however it was worse (or better) for him as he had not experienced life on an island like Jersey or Guernsey before. He was incredibly insightful and his wealth of knowledge from his past experiences as a police constable was definitely invaluable.
We were then tasked with helping with presentations on traffic legislation that our Jersey colleagues had prepared, this was hard as the legislation was different however the content was largely the same, some of the presentations were extremely funny, for example Zach Walker’s group entitled ‘potato, potato, potato’ had all of us – including staff Cross in hysterics.
After this we continues with our lessons again being split off from our Jersey counterparts but reuniting for our lesson with Staff Cross on careless driving.

Wednesday 20th March

The morning began with lessons on traffic legislation and we were again separated from our Jersey colleagues this continued through to lunch when we had to make our way to Axa to get our second course of the dreaded jabs. Although it was vital to receive these potentially life saving jabs, I still could not shake the feeling of dread from the previous jab which I can only describe as my arm feeling like a dartboard at the end of a very, very long game alas this jab was in no way as bad and was barely noticeable.
Following the jabs, my favourite part of the day, the fitness session. For this we were taken to a local sports centre to go on a run across the expansive, treacherous and unyielding sand dunes, this was a fantastic run and one I would happily partake in every day the scenery really made me appreciate how beautiful jersey really is (much in the contrary to my preconceptions!)

Thursday 21st March

We began with an input on Prison! Me! No Way! from Lesley Harrison – a remarkable person who sacrifices her own time to breathe life into the charity. The charity I can only describe as being inspirational, and definitely a concept I think Guernsey should adopt, I thoroughly enjoyed this input and Lesley’s compassion really renewed my faith in people.
The rest of the day was taken up with a rather gruesome yet highly informative input on Road Traffic Collisions from Sgt. Paine, it was somewhat daunting however as the calculations and physics involved behind the investigations was mind boggling and his commitment and passion to being a collision investigator could be felt throughout the entire presentation.


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