Week 6 - In the Swim!

March 16th 2013 | Sam de la Haye

Last week ended with a tough day involving further role plays and the first of three exams which need to be passed in order to complete the course.
We were all fairly nervous in the morning, with half a mind on the role plays and half on the imminent test. It was great to get some more exposure to role plays and also to listen to the valuable feedback from the staff who have an abundance of knowledge to pass on to us due to their many, many years in the job!
We then had the exam in the afternoon which I’m pleased to say everybody passed. We were told by the staff that they were the best set of results they had ever had and regardless of whether they were just saying that to massage our egos or not, I think most of us decided to take that as the truth!
We went out for dinner that evening to celebrate and we had a good night, but come Monday morning we realised that we needed to wind our necks in and get back to studying.
The beginning of week six was very different thanks to some interesting weather and subsequently some problematic journeys into the station. I did read the expectations of the duty student prior to this week, but I’m not sure it said anything about supervising student travel falling under my remit! We are all still obviously very keen to impress as only one member of the group didn’t make it in.
Jersey readers will be proud to learn that our attendance was far better than that of the Guernsey Officers, who didn’t make it in until Wednesday evening.
Now I know that the airport was closed, but what better preparation could you have for Thursday’s Swimarathon than swimming across from Guernsey each morning?
On Wednesday and Thursday we had search inputs and practical tasks with Sergeant Sheridan and Sergeant Chapman. I found this very interesting, both in terms of the information that we received in regard to how to search properly and also gaining a brief insight into the work that they carry out in the search team.
The practical side of the searching involved vehicle searches, room searches and people searches. On Thursday we went out to Beauport and spent our afternoon searching around the headland and completing various tasks, such as the correct procedure to go through when dealing with suspicious packages.
Thursday evening arrived and with it an event that was possibly approached with as much apprehension as the first exam; the Swimarathon. However, once we got started I think everybody really enjoyed themselves and it was great to see such a large number from the force competing.
Despite the initial concerns I was very pleased that I took part in the swim, particularly as the team I was in did fairly well on the night, mainly thanks to one swimmer who completed possibly half of our lengths!
The week was an enjoyable one with a lot of practical tasks, however, next week we are introduced to Traffic Law and on Monday we have a knowledge check on everything from the first six weeks; maybe the Swimarathon wasn’t so bad after all!


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