Week 2 - Joined by Guernsey recruits

February 16th 2013 | Aimee Avrill

So, we have been here for two weeks and have already managed to push the red button on our radio (I am mentioning no names…) The consequence being that two police patrol cars and one solo patrol officer made their way to the Royal Court, thinking all hell had broken loose.
But please, do not give up hope, we have learnt from that mistake and have sworn to never press the red button unless in dire need.
On Friday morning we carried out a Community Attachment task, which involved each student officer spending a day with a supporting service i.e. Fire & Rescue Service, Ambulance, Shelter Trust, Probation Service, Youth Service and Customs & Immigration. 
I took a trip down to La Motte Street Youth Centre, in order to gain an understanding of how the Youth Service works, their aims and how they support the State of Jersey Police. I left with my head full of information and my arms loaded with mugs, leaflets, pens - you name it, we had it.
My shift was split, part of the morning I was at La Motte Street Youth Centre and the evening I spent in the mobile centre in the middle of Millennium Park, which was great. It gave me a very good insight into today’s youths, their attitude towards the police and the opportunity to build bridges and gain an understanding on what they expect from the police service and vice versa.
On Monday the Guernsey recruits joined us, they all seem as eager and excited as we are.
Tuesday gave us a nice surprise when we were blind-folded in the back of a mini bus and driven out to the middle of nowhere (which turned out to be St Martins, nonetheless…). We were tasked to find our way back to the station without using GPS and on the way, collecting several random objects, including a conker (considering it isn’t conker season, it was easier said than done), a paintbrush, cinema ticket and learn the American national anthem, to name but a few.
Eventually, after finding our way back to the station and with many miles under our feet, we set off on a run from La Frigate to the Burger Bar and back, I speak for myself when I say to the Burger Bar as a few of the Mo Farrah’s in the team ran the extra 2 miles (which were optional, may I add).
Wednesday, 5:30am and by this time I had built up a huge disliking towards my alarm. It was all in good reason as we had an inspection with Superintendent Bonjour which I had to prepare for.
Recruits Inspection
However, unknowingly, we were greeted not only with Superintendent Bonjour, but also BBC Jersey and Channel Television, who cast their cameras upon us all.

Looking at our timetable, we have a busy few days approaching. But for now, I’m off to the gym so I can be a Mo Farrah too.


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