Week 14

May 11th 2013 | Zac Walker

This week was a strange week for us due to it being a 3 day week!
Monday we had off due to it being a bank holiday so our week started on a nice Tuesday morning. Apart from being at the station for only 3 days this week it was also strange to not have our Guernsey colleagues join us. I think we all secretly missed them (even though we would never admit this to them!) but it also hit home the fact next week would be our last week together.
The majority of the week was spent learning about the computer element of the job, such as learning about creating master files and correctly inputting property into the property store. We all picked it up fairly quickly as the computers are very helpful in telling you if you’ve entered something incorrectly or forgotten to fill in a box all together.
At the end of the week we used all the knowledge we had received to put together our own master files. This was done using the shoplifting scenario we all completed in a previous week. We had to put together the file as if it was going to court. This meant making sure we had all the statements relating to the case as well as creating a master file on the computer system. This was good fun and it showed us what needs to be done from the moment of arrest to the suspect going to court.
On Sunday we had a rehearsal of the pass out parade including doing it with The Band of Jersey for the first time. We all found that the band really helped us stay in step because all you need to do is match the bass drum. For me in particular it was a real blessing knowing this as drill isn’t my most natural talent - even though I’ve been told numerous times its just walking.
We all felt really happy with how we’ve come along with drill but won't stop practising until the parade is over.
The biggest thing I feel about week 14 was the fact we only had one week left as a group. During this week it hit home how much we have grown, how much we get along with each other and what great friends we have made.
The thought of joining shift soon is brilliant and we all can’t wait to go out and put our learning into practice; however the thought of leaving the colleagues when we’ve witnessed each other at their highest and lowest and helped each other along the way is quite a sad moment for all of us.
We’ll never forget these 14/15 weeks, that’s for sure!


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