Week 13 - drugs raids!

May 4th 2013 | Owen Morris

Week 13 seems to have flown by, in fact I think as we’re nearing the end of our initial training time just seems to be going faster and faster.
We started off on Monday with law input on receiving stolen goods, followed by inputs on missing persons and on Tuesday, sudden death. These were interesting as they’re issues that need a great deal of skills to deal with effectively.
Tuesday culminated with an hour of drill – we’re definitely coming along as a squad, the pass out parade is very close now and it feels quite exciting doing the drill at the TA centre, where the pass out parade will take place.
Wednesday started with an inspection of our uniforms. A trip to the magistrates court then followed, which consisted of a tour and explanation of what goes on and how everything happens in court cases. After this we assembled in court number 3 to have our previously written statements gone through with a fine tooth comb, as what would really happen if it were regarding a real case. Very nerve racking!
On Thursday we had a meeting with Superintendent Gull, who is our Head of Crime Services. Mr Gull has led an interesting police career and it was a pleasure to hear his stories and get his opinion of what makes an effective Police Force and Police Officer. Thursday afternoon we were introduced to suspect identification procedures, including different ways of identifying subjects and carrying out ID parades (it’s not done on like the TV!)
Friday was a very interesting day. We had planned during the week a mock drugs raid in St Helier, which we carried out today. 7 ‘suspects’ were placed inside and told to give us resistance and abuse! We entered the building with a degree of adrenalin and nervousness at not knowing what we would find inside. Weapons, drugs (not real drugs!), cash and an array of items were found inside. We managed to contain the building, gain control of the subjects and start searching for evidence. All in all the task lasted for 2-3 hours and was an enjoyable but very productive learning experience.
Afterwards we came back to the station to sort out evidence, search logs and notebook entries.
I think we’re all looking forward to the long bank holiday weekend, so I’ll leave it there!


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