Week 12 - Tackling shoplifters

April 27th 2013 | Jodie Botterill

After spending a whole day apart on Sunday we were relieved to be back in the classroom together on Monday morning.
We had a very theory-filled start of the week, learning about public order offences, which we will probably have to deal with a lot when we are released onto the streets. We also had some input from Vicky Coupland in Crime Scene Investigation.
Tuesday morning started with an Inspection. After 11 weeks of spending hours trying to get our shoes shiny, one of the students discovered a magic sponge that does a better job in 10 seconds!! For the rest of the day we had a very insightful drugs presentation from acting Detective Sergeant Ross Angel.
We started Wednesday with Drill practice and we are finally starting to get good at this, just as long as we always walk in the same direction and we have no jackets on (let's pray it doesn't rain on the pass out parade). 
In the afternoon we visited the three Waitrose stores to take part in some "shoplifter" role plays. It felt strange being out in the public with our uniforms on but I guess it is something we will get used to.
Thursday was a good day as we visited Crabbe with the firearms team. They gave us an insight into what to expect if we are called to an incident involving firearms. They showed us different types of guns and what damage they could cause. They then gave us a chance to try the guns ourselves. It was a great day and a number of us returned to the station with very red faces from the very rare Jersey sun that made an appearance.
At the weekend we volunteered to help with the assessment days for the new recruits. I woke up in the morning with butterflies as it took me back to the morning of my assessment day last September. It was nice to be able to give advice to the candidates and put them at ease throughout the day. It was also a good reminder of how far we have come in such a short time.


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