Week 10 - Role plays

April 13th 2013 | Mercedes Hamer

Friday night we went to bed filled with apprehension for our Saturday morning role play practicals at Le Rocquier school. We were doing the role play scenarios individually so knew we would have no backup if we got stuck! I’ll admit, I was nervous not knowing what to expect.
Sam picked me up Saturday morning and we headed forth, with a large bag full of junk food for energy. No there weren’t any doughnuts, but we do eat them occasionally!
There was a car boot sale going on in the car park at Le Rocquier School when we arrived. We were stopped by a gentleman directing the traffic who said to us “Well, I know you’re not here for the car boot sale.” This threw us! How did he know? Do we look like police officers even without our uniform on show? We ‘thought’ we had concealed it well enough.
After overdosing on caffeine we were faced with six back to back role play scenarios all alone! Each one lasted 15 minutes. I felt like Captain Kirk, boldly facing the unknown for every door I opened. Each room held a new challenge to face including larceny, a neighbourhood domestic, evidence handling, robbery, a data protection scenario and the one we all feared the most - a group of teenagers! My sympathy for parents has grown considerably.
In hindsight, I thoroughly enjoyed the day, and so did everyone else. Over the last ten weeks we have gone from facing the role play practical's feeling blindfolded, to now having a lot more confidence in what we are doing because of our training.
Hopefully by our final role play scenarios, we will all be experts.
We had Sunday off to relax, or should I say to revise for our big week 10 exam on Monday! The exam questions were on everything we had studied in the last 10 weeks, which needless to say is a lot of information. Traffic is a particularly in depth subject to cover. I hope your tyres are inflated to the correct level?! And don’t even get me started on wild plants and animals.
I got no sleep Sunday night, probably from drinking too much coffee and stressing about the exam! Dreaming about space aliens and time travel didn’t help!
Monday came, and we all sat the exam, occasionally glancing up at each other with a look on our faces that said something along the lines of ‘AHHHHHH!' but we all passed with flying colours.
After work we decided to pop out for a celebratory drink and some of the boys went a bit over board at the slight ray of sunshine that appeared that day. They looked a bit daft wearing shorts, sunglasses and baseball caps whilst shivering from the cold, they convenient made some excuse to go inside!
The rest of the week we have been sat in the classroom watching TV, we have been watching each other practice witness interviews on TV. We were all a little worried about the idea of having lots of people watch us on camera, but when we conducted the interviews, we soon forgot the camera was there. We then had homework to write statements on the interviews. My finger now has an indent in it from the amount of writing we have to do. We will probably be doing paperwork in our dreams - for the rest of our lives.
We are all looking forward to the weekend to relax. I can’t wait for a lie in, but no doubt I will still wake up at 6.30am. Next week we will be practicing more interviews on TV, however this time it will be suspect interviews.
I’m looking forward to it, as I do with each new thing we learn. I know that everyone else feels the same way.
On a side note, we are getting much better at DRILL! And trust me, this is a good thing, otherwise for our pass out parade we will all be marching in different directions! That could still happen yet, so I won’t curse it.


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