Force Intelligence Bureau

December 16th 2014 | DI Craig Jackson & DS Robbie Herd

FIB Poem

We seek to catch the bad folk,
So you sleep safely in your bed,
FIB provide officers with info,
So we stay one step ahead,

Intelligence we rely on,
And it could well come from you,
We piece it all together,
To establish who is who,

Once we’ve seen what intel is good or bad,
Malicious or just right,
We investigate the offence throughout the day,
Aswell as through the night,

That intel all gathered and graded,
Could result in morning calls,
From the offender whilst still in his bed,
To now staring at four walls,

Whether it’s Fraud, Theft or Drugs,
We need intel through the year,
So we can continue fighting crime,
And let you enjoy the festive cheer!

The main job of the Force Intelligence Bureau is to collate intelligence and use it in the most productive way to reduce crime and disorder. Intelligence can come from many sources, including police officers, members of the public and Crimestoppers. It can also come from other police forces and partner agencies. Intelligence is checked, graded and then disseminated to operational policing units so that they can take effective action. This can be through surveillance, targeted patrols or obtaining search warrants against offenders and their premises.

States of Jersey Police is an intelligence led police force, focusing on problem areas and placing suitable assets in that area to solve the issue.



Our Force Control Rooms take thousands of calls every year, and are often asked very similar questions. In this section you will find some of those that are frequently asked

Accessing information

In this section are details on how to obtain criminal record checks, firearms certificates as well as other information.


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