A day in the life of the Criminal Investigations Department

December 17th 2014 | DS Louise Clayson

The CID office deals with all serious and organised crime. We investigate reactively after the crime has been committed and proactively through the Priority Crime Team beforehand to identify offenders and crimes being committed.

At the top of the CID tree is the Detective Inspector who will oversee all serious and organised crimes, in support of him are three Detective Sergeants who manage the day to day business and deployment of Detectives.

Then there are two teams of trained and experienced Detective Constables who investigate the crimes and piece together all of the pieces of the crime jigsaw puzzle.


A typical day for a Detective could involve being deployed to a scene of a violent crime, a commercial or domestic burglary, executing a drugs search warrant or a suspicious sudden death to name a few incidents. It is our job to piece all of the evidence together, to find the persons responsible as quickly as possible, recover stolen property and to insure that we build a prosecution case that will be suitable for Magistrates or the Royal Court.

CID offices have come a long way since the days of “Life on Mars and Gene Hunt” and the DI isn’t allowed to keep a bottle of whiskey in the bottom drawer of his desk, so it’s not quite like you see on the TV programmes. It’s a great department to work in and we take great satisfaction from catching, disrupting and seizing the assets of the baddies.

Merry Christmas.




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