Assault sentencing

Today, The Royal Court sentenced 47-year-old Leon Chevalier to 19 months in prison following his conviction in January for common assault and larceny. He was also sentenced for charges that he pleaded guilty to prior to his trial, possession of class C substances and an assault on police.

On the night of the 11 June 2023, Chevalier assaulted the victim at her address and stole some of her medication. This was reported to police the next morning and Chevalier was arrested. Whilst in police custody he assaulted a male police officer, causing him an injury to his face.

The female victim has received supported throughout the investigation by the States of Jersey Police and an Independent Domestic Violence Advisor from Jersey Domestic Abuse Support.

Police Constable Polly Wilton, who dealt with the case said: “We are committed to investigating and prosecuting all offenders and want to assure victims that there are a number of agencies who are in a position to offer support and guidance through all stages of the criminal justice process. We work with key partners and advocacy services such as JDAS and the Jersey Women’s Refuge, to encourage victims of crime to report such incidents.”

There are several local agencies that offer advice and support:

Jersey Domestic and Sexual Abuse Support (JDAS) offer specialist support and guidance in relation to domestic or sexual abuse incidents. Support is provided before, during and after any police investigation or court hearing. It is also available when police are not involved. Call: 01534 880505 or email

FREEDA (Freedom from Domestic Abuse) offer a 24-hour helpline, access to safe accommodation as well as help and support for victims of domestic abuse. Tel: 0800 7356836.

Victims First Jersey is a free and independent service offering confidential support to victims and witnesses of crime. Tel: 0800 7351612.


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