Man sentenced to 3 years and 7 months for various offences

William Watton-Roberts (33) was sentenced today (Monday 3 June) by the Royal Court, where he received a sentence of three years and seven months imprisonment from the court on multiple offences, as follows:

First Indictment:
Grave and criminal assault (Domestic Violence) – 3 years

Second Indictment:
Receiving stolen goods – 1 months, consecutive
Possession of cannabis – 1 week concurrent

Third Indictment
Contempt of court – 6 months, consecutive

He also received a Domestic Abuse Protection Order (DAPO) with notification requirements for five years.

On the 18th August 2023, Watton-Roberts assaulted a female by way of punching her to the head and face several times, biting her face, grabbing her around the neck and pulling her hair, which resulted is severe facial injuries. He was charged and remanded in Custody. On the 27th of October 2023 he pleaded guilty to the offence of grave and criminal assault.

As a result of the investigation a mobile phone belonging to Watton-Roberts was subjected to examination. On examining the device, footage of a male being sentenced at Royal Court was located and Watton-Roberts admitted to recording this footage and distributing it to others. On the 24th of May 2024 he pleaded guilty to an offence of Contempt of Court. 


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