Man jailed for 4 years and 3 months for domestic assault

A 51-year-old man has been sentenced today, Friday 7 June, to four years and three months in prison following a sustained attack on his partner.

In the Royal Court sentencing, John Sebastian NICOLLE was also handed a ten-year Domestic Abuse Protection Order and a notification order for an indefinite period.

On Sunday 25th June 2023, NICOLLE assaulted his partner in their home address over a number of hours.

NICOLLE had begun a verbal altercation with his victim, accusing her of spending too much money and poor timekeeping. John NICOLLE lost his temper and spat in her face from close range. He kicked the table that she was sitting at, causing her to fall backwards. When she returned to her feet and NICOLLE punched her in the right eye and then slapped her left cheek, causing bruising to the right eye.

Later that evening, John NICOLLE has grabbed his victim with both hands around the throat, squeezing the sides of her neck for up to one minute.

NICOLLE then returned to complete some DIY to the wardrobe before continuing to argue with his victim and assaulting her further by punching her to the face and head, causing bruising to the back of the head. She curled up in the foetal position on the floor and was kicked by NICOLLE to the chest, aggravating a previous sternum injury.

NICOLLE admitted to spitting at his victim and to kicking the table but denied the remaining assaults. He pleaded not guilty to Grave and Criminal Assault, testifying to the court that the injuries sustained were due to the wardrobe they were assembling falling on her head.

John NICOLLE was found guilty of Grave and Criminal Assault on March 21 2024, following a trial.


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