Man Sentenced for Drug Offences

Today [Monday 29 January 2024], 40-year-old Nicholas Christopher Clyde-Smith was sentenced to four and a half years in prison for drug offences. He was also issued a confiscation order of £6805. 

During a separate police investigation into drugs, which resulted in a man being arrested and sent to prison in July 2022, officers found evidence that showed Clyde-Smith was involved in buying large amounts of cocaine from this man. Bank statements showing large payments and text messages indicating Clyde-Smith’s intentions to supply the cocaine to others were discovered.

Clyde-Smith was arrested at his home address in June 2022, where officers seized his phone and also found drug paraphernalia with traces of cocaine and DMT (Dimethyltryptamine), a Class A psychedelic drug.

After another warrant was served on him, Clyde-Smith provided the pin-code to his phone, where messages were retrieved showing that he was involved in the supply of Class A – Cocaine, DMT, MDMA, Ecstasy and LSD, Class B – Cannabis and Class C – Diazepam, DHC Dihydrocodeine.

Clyde-Smith was charged with five drug offences in June 2023 and pleaded guilty in September 2023.

The recovery of messages from Clyde-Smith’s phone also led to the arrest and prosecution of another man who was imprisoned for over 10 years in November 2023. This person had replaced Clyde-Smith’s cocaine supplier after his previous one was imprisoned.

Detective Sergeant Jim McGranahan who heads up the Drug Squad, said: “The Drug Squad are supported both internally and externally by many outside partner agencies and collectively they work hard together to achieve the same goal of keeping the island safe and as drug free as possible.

“We are committed to putting those responsible for supplying these drugs before the courts. We continue to work with our partners and other agencies to protect our community from the harm they can cause.”


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