Road Safety Week Update

Last week, officers from the States of Jersey Police and Honorary colleagues were out checking driver’s speeds as part of the National Road Safety Week.  The initiative focused on speed and the different aspects associated with speeding, such as stopping distances, road conditions and the risk of injury. 

Officers reported 42 drivers for speeding, which were handed Parish Hall enquiries. 21 additional drivers were issued Words of Advice for other driving matters relating to defective vehicles. 

Every year, SoJP action a motor related awareness campaign aimed at promoting road safety and reducing incidents on our roads that involve speeding, drink-driving or other distractions like using a mobile phone behind the wheel. 

All of the campaigns use a combination of education, awareness and targeted enforcement to address the issues on our roads. This year focus was on emphasising the importance of adhering to the Island’s speed limits for the safety of all road users. 

Inspector Callum O’Connor, the lead for Roads Policing said: “If these campaigns raise awareness of the dangers and consequences of speeding and help to slow one person down, then they have been successful. Knowing your stopping distances and the impact driving a few miles over the speed limit could make to a pedestrian involved in a collision, does make a difference if it is in people’s minds when they get behind the wheel. 

“Although last week’s focus was on speeding, Roads Policing forms part of every-day policing to maintain safety on our roads and we continue to look out for those that put other road users at risk on our roads. The results of this initiative underscore the importance of ongoing efforts to promote road safety and ensure the well-being of everyone on Jersey's roads.

Anti-social and bad driving can be reported online on our website or by calling 01534 612612.

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