Road Safety Week 2023

Sunday sees the start of Road Safety Week (19 – 25 November), an initiative focusing on speed and keeping our community safe. See more about the campaign HERE.

Every time we drive faster than the speed limit, or too fast for the road conditions, we increase the risk of a crash – and we increase the chance that someone will be killed or hurt on our roads.

Throughout the campaign States of Jersey Police and Honorary officers will be out and about conducting speed checks on our roads. This campaign forms part of the enforcement activities conducted throughout the year by police and aims to reduce the volume of speeding and anti-social driving that we see on our roads. 

Officers will be targeting areas based on intelligence received by the public reporting anti-social driving and speeding within their Parishes with the aim of disrupting this behaviour. Those caught driving in excess of the speed limits can expect to be prosecuted.

Inspector Callum O’Connor, the lead for Roads Policing said: “Our message is clear, slow down. We are a small community, and we all share these areas, and we deserve to be safe whilst doing so. We should all drive responsibly and safely. Driving faster makes stopping quickly less likely and the greater the impact speed the greater the chance of causing serious injury or death to those involved in a collision. Some of the speeds we see are just not acceptable for an island of this size.”

Anti-social and bad driving can be reported online on our website or by calling 01534 612612.



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