Man convicted for rape, assault and false imprisonment

Today (Friday 17 November 2023), The Royal Court found 49-year-old Terence Martin Quinn guilty of rape, false imprisonment and common assault. He will be sentenced at a later date.

Quinn committed the offences in January 2022 in a hotel room where he worked. Quinn and a woman were having sex, but she had asked him to stop because he was hurting her and being too rough. Quinn then became aggressive and violent. He locked the door and removed the key from the lock. He also took her phone away and forced her to stand in the corner of the room and told her that if she moved, he would hit her.

He threw her luggage and laptop at her, hitting her with them and went through her phone, all the while verbally abusing her. She huddled in the corner of the room for hours. In the morning, he returned her phone so that she could call a taxi to take her to the airport, but after the woman tried to alert the person she had called, he smashed her phone and forceable bent it, so it no longer worked.

Quinn then pushed his victim against a doorframe and punched her numerous times to the body and dragged her by her hair, whilst he verbally abused her. He then left her in the room locking the door behind him. When he returned, he told her he had cancelled the taxi and he would take her to the airport himself. Before they left for the airport, Quinn raped the woman.

Once back home, the victim didn’t report anything to the police straight away and with the help of a volunteer at a woman’s refuge, she reported this to her local police force a month later.

Quinn was arrested in February 2022 and given conditional bail where he was not to contact the victim and he had to surrender his photographic identification. However, in March he used the hotel landline to contact the victim. He then absconded and fled back to the UK where he committed further offences and sent the victim multiple messages.

Jersey Police worked with the local UK force and brought Quinn back to Jersey to face justice.

Police Constable Rachel Peddlebanks said: “The victim in this case showed immense courage to come forward and report this to the Police after what must have been a terrifying experience for her. Quinn’s behaviour was abhorrent and his abuse unforgivable. I am glad he has faced the Court and justice has prevailed. I hope the victim can now start to rebuild her life.  

“We are committed to investigating and prosecuting all sexual offenders and we want to assure victims that there are a number of agencies who are in a position to offer support and guidance through all stages of the criminal justice process.”

There are several local agencies that offer advice and support:

The SARC at Dewberry House provide expert independent and confidential support to victims of sexual abuse. Call: 01534 888222. 

Jersey Domestic Abuse Support (JDAS) is an independent service developed to protect and support victims of domestic abuse, who are at risk of significant harm. Call: 01534 880505. 

Jersey Action Against Rape (JAAR) provide and maintain a supporting framework for survivors and their families. Call: 01534 482801. 

Jersey Women’s Refuge offer help and support for victims of domestic abuse. Call: 0800 7356836. 

Victims First Jersey is a free and independent service offering confidential support to victims and witnesses of crime. Call 0800 7351612. 

The Safeguarding Partnership Board help agencies to work together to safeguard children and adults at risk. Reporting concerns about a child – call: 01534 519000, concerned about an adult – call 01534 444440.


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