Three sentenced for drug offences

Yesterday [Monday 20 March 2023] three men were sentenced for drug offences. 32-year-old Maciej Cholewinski, 30-year-old Patryk Ciejka and 30-year-old Mateusz Wierzbicki have all been sent to prison for seven and a half years each. Cholewinski and Wierzbiki were also given deportation recommendations.

Following an investigation, named Operation Wolf, by the Drug Squad in 2022, police arrested three men, Cholewinski, Ciejka and Wierzbicki on the 2nd of December on suspicion of importation and intent to supply and possession with intent to supply of Class A drugs.

The investigation found that all three men had played an instrumental role in the organisation of an illegal drug enterprise that spanned a seven-month period between May and December 2022. During the arrests, police seized a commercial amount of Cocaine (Class A), Amphetamine (Class B) and Chloromethacathinone (Class B) all estimated to be worth between £50,000 - £75,000.

All three men were charged with conspiracy to supply a controlled drug (Class A) and appeared in Court on 5th December, where they pleaded guilty to the charges. They were then remanded into custody to await sentencing.

Detective Sergeant Jim McGranahan who heads up the Drug Squad, said: “As a police officer, it’s always rewarding to see a successful drugs conviction. Knowing that we’ve taken harmful substances off our streets and potentially saved lives is a powerful motivator to keep doing what we do. We work hard to keep our streets free from drugs, and we’ll do our utmost to ensure those who deal in illegal drugs are put before the courts.”


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