Attempted Murder Conviction

Today [Friday 17 March 2023], the trial of three young men involved in a stabbing incident in January 2022 concluded.

The Royal Court Jury found 19-year-old Alex Diogo Franca De Jesus guilty of attempted murder. 18-year-old Jayden James Martin Howard previously plead guilty to the same offences. Two other young males, aged 17, were acquitted of grave and criminal assault and affray, they could not be named previously due to their age. De Jesus and Howard will be sentenced at a later date.

On 9 January 2022, De Jesus and Howard were involved in a stabbing that left an 18-year-old in a serious condition, resulting in life threatening and life changing injuries that required a lengthy hospital stay whilst he recovered.

De Jesus and Howard attacked the victim during a meeting in the Le Geyt estate that De Jesus and the victim had arranged between themselves. He was stabbed twenty-three times in the back with such force that one blade broke in two places and had to be surgically removed. The victim was dragged to such a secluded area that he was difficult to find by the emergency services. However, fortunately he was able to call for help and was airlifted to Southampton Hospital the next day for emergency surgery.

Howard and De Jesus were arrested the next day along with one of the other males. The fourth male was arrested the following day.

Detective Constable Joao Carvalho, the officer in charge of the investigation, said: “This was a vicious attack, which left the victim with life changing injuries. It’s been a long and complex investigation, but we hope this conviction sends out a strong message to anyone thinking of carrying a knife and we hope that the victim can find some solace from today’s verdict whilst he continues to recover from his injuries.”  


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