Haut Du Mont - January Update

Over the Christmas and New Year period the investigation has gathered pace and there will more activity on the site in the coming days as the Health and Safety Inspectorate and States of Jersey Police continue forensic excavations in order to find out the cause of the explosion. This more intense work on the site will continue for at least the next two weeks or so and structural engineers will be present to make sure the area is as safe as possible for those working there.

Islanders can be assured that, as we near the one-month anniversary of the disaster, our efforts remain focused on doing the best for the grieving relatives and the displaced residents. Family liaison officers are supporting the bereaved families and community police are meeting regularly with the displaced residents. Once risk assessments are made this week, the removal of further belongings from Haut du Mont will take place, allowing more comfort and continuity for those displaced. This process will similarly take at least a week or so.

More assistance has come from UK forces, with five detectives providing support to the States of Jersey Police enquiry team. To date, 332 exhibits have been seized, with 344 lines of inquiry being pursued and 88 statements taken.

The Health and Safety Inspectorate and States of Jersey Police will provide as many updates as is possible and appropriate throughout the investigation. The continued support from the community towards those affected by this incident has been heart-warming and officers, who will be working on these investigations for many months, have really appreciated it.


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