Business Email Compromise Scams

We’re currently investigating a fraud involving a Business Email Compromise (BEC) where a company based in Jersey had an email account hacked.

Emails claiming to be from the company were sent out to their clients asking for accounts to be settled, using different bank accounts to that of the legitimate company. This has resulted in the loss of almost £9000 for one business.

The fraudsters were able to access the email system and pose as an employee of the company and send an invoice email with updated payment instructions.

We recommend these security email tips to keep yourself safe from fraudsters.
✅Please do not open random links in emails.
✅Always check for slight changes in email addresses.
✅Use multi-factor authentication to protect your email and important accounts.
✅Double check any requests for payments and changes to bank accounts by directly calling the party involved.
✅If in doubt contact police 📞 612612 or report online to SoJP
✅You can also report to CERT and Action Fraud



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