Sexual Abuse & Sexual Violence Awareness Week

“#itsnotok and we are here to help and support you”.

That’s the message from those whose job it is to help anyone affected by sexual abuse and violence.

This week marks Sexual Abuse & Sexual Violence Awareness Week, a national campaign raising awareness on the help available to those affected by sexual abuse or sexual violence and aims to empower them to come forward should they need help.

Throughout the week, agencies involved will be sharing information with the #itsnotok to try and start conversations in the island and reach anyone who may need help.

Every year on average, 131 sexual offences are reported to the States of Jersey Police, but it is believed that many more go unreported.

National statistics show that fewer than one in six people report this to the police and the States of Jersey Police want to reassure people that if they report any form of sexual offending, they will be taken seriously, listened to and should know that what happened was not their fault.

All of the agencies involved with these types of crime are committed to ensuring that the victims are provided with a safe, non-judgemental and caring service. They aim to put the victim back in control and provide support that can minimise the long-term consequences.

Acting Superintendent Craig Jackson, said: “It takes a lot of courage for a victim of sexual abuse or violence to come forward and report it, whether that be to police or another agency. Our message is clear, we are here to help you, support you, and make sure you have all the care you need.”

The Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC) at Dewberry House, provides expert independent and confidential support to victims of sexual abuse. The Centre comprises of a team of experts with a wealth of knowledge and experience in advising, supporting and treating anyone who has been raped or sexually assaulted.

Jersey Domestic Abuse Support (JDAS), is an independent service developed to protect and support victims of domestic or sexual abuse. The team can provide practical and emotional support and a safe and confidential space to meet.

Anyone who would like to speak to someone in confidence about sexual abuse or violence can contact police on 01534 612612, or staff at Dewberry House on 01534 888555, or JDAS on 01534 880505.


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