Sentencing - Sexual Offences

Today (Monday 21 August 2023), The Royal Court sentenced 59-year-old David William Moody to 8.5 years in prison, after he pleaded guilty to a catalogue of sexual offences against a vulnerable female adult. He also was placed on the Sex Offender’s Register for 10 years and handed an indefinite restraining order.

The offences were committed between July 2017 and March 2020, when Moody was working as a support worker for a local care provider. He joined the victim’s care team and gained her trust, before isolating her so that he could sexually abuse her. He would make notes about how they had watched DVD’s whilst he was at work, which was subsequently revealed as a code he used when he had raped her. He left his employment in July 2018 but continued to sexually abuse his vulnerable victim.

Please note that these offences were not committed during the time that Moody was a servicing paramedic and had not worked for the Jersey Ambulance Service for approximately 10 years.

Moody remained in a position of trust with the victim, and he also attempted to gain further employment with another care agency, whilst trying to get the victim’s care transferred to the new agency, so that he could remain as the team leader in her support package. The sexual offending continued during this time.

An Adult Safeguarding Alert was raised in February 2020 after sexual messages from Moody to the victim had been discovered. Following a multi-agency Safeguarding meeting, appropriate support was provided and the victim was finally able to disclose the abuse she had been subjected to and the tactics that had been used by Moody to keep his actions secret.

He was arrested in September 2022 and charged in March of this year.
Moody’s actions have had a hugely traumatic effect on the victim in this case, she has shown immense courage and trust in the Police and she has been and will continue to be supported by the Independent Sexual Violence Advisors (IDSVAs), who have provided invaluable support throughout this process.

Detective Constable Jo Le Maistre said: “This was a long, historic and complex investigation into how Moody abused his position of trust with a vulnerable person for his own gratification. He went against the basic principles that people who work in the care sector live by. He tried to evade detection and justice by silencing his victim with threats, but I am relieved she has now been given a voice.

“We are committed to investigating and prosecuting all sexual offenders and want to assure victims that there are a number of agencies who are in a position to offer support and guidance through all stages of the criminal justice process.”

There are several local agencies that offer advice and support:

Jersey Domestic and Sexual Abuse Support (JDAS) offer specialist support and guidance in relation to domestic or sexual abuse incidents. Support is provided before, during and after any police investigation or court hearing. It is also available when police are not involved. Call: 01534 880505 or email 

The SARC at Dewberry House provide expert independent and confidential support to victims of sexual abuse. The Centre comprises of a team of experts with a wealth of knowledge and experience in advising, supporting, and treating anyone who has been raped or sexually assaulted. Call: 01534 888222. 

Jersey Action Against Rape (JAAR) provide and maintain a supporting framework for survivors and their families. Call: 01534 482801. 

Jersey Women’s Refuge offer help and support for victims of domestic abuse. Call: 0800 7356836. 

Victims First Jersey is a free and independent service offering confidential support to victims and witnesses of crime. Call 0800 7351612. 

The Safeguarding Partnership Board help agencies to work together to safeguard children and adults at risk. Reporting concerns about a child – call: 01534 519000, concerned about an adult – call 01534 444440.


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