Statement from the Chief of Police on Tuesday 13 December

I can confirm that as at noon today, Tuesday 13th December, two further fatalities have been confirmed at the Haut du Mont site on Pier Road. 

The number of Islanders confirmed to have been killed in the blast is now seven. There are still residents that remain unaccounted for. We estimate this number to be two.

The families have been made aware of this announcement and are being supported by specially trained Family Liaison Officers.

The fatalities have not yet been formally identified. The Disaster Victim Identification (DVI) process must be carefully considered and managed in a dignified and compassionate way.

Therefore, we are not yet able to confirm if the fatalities that have been found at the site correspond to the seven identities released by the missing Islanders families yesterday afternoon.

The identities of the other Islanders will be released by their families, with the support of SOJP, at a later date. 

My thoughts and those of all the emergency response continues to be with the victims and families affected by this tragic incident.

May I ask that the privacy of the families continues to be respected. 



The Viscount’s Office have confirmed that inquests will only be opened once the Disaster Victim Identification (DVI) process has been fully completed.

An inquest is an inquiry held to establish who the deceased was, and where, when, and how they came to their death. No one is on trial. 



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