Jersey officers head to UK

Eight officers have headed to the UK to support the policing effort for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral on Monday, 19 September.

An Inspector, Sergeant and six police constables left earlier this morning to support their Metropolitan Police colleagues in London and were sworn in as UK officers on Monday morning. This gives them the powers needed to undertake their duties in London.

Additionally, a further three Close Protection officers will be sent to London on Wednesday to assist with the protection of the large number of VIPs expected to attend Her Majesty’s funeral.

Chief Officer Robin Smith said: “Dozens of our officers volunteered to police Her Majesty’s funeral next week and as an organisation it is an honour and a privilege to represent the Island at the largest policing operation ever seen in London. When appointed, police officers give an oath to faithfully serve Her Majesty, her heirs and her successors and I know it will be an enormous honour for those officers to represent the States of Jersey Police.”

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