Man imprisoned following driving offence

On Friday [10 June 2022] the Courts sentenced 27 year old Steven Caldeira Pacheco to six months in prison, a £570 fine and he was disqualified from driving for two years after being found guilty of aiding and abetting dangerous driving.

On Monday 17 January 2021, Police received reports of a number of vehicles driving at excess speeds on the back lanes of St Peter and St Mary.
After extensive enquiries were carried out, Pacheco’s vehicle was identified and he was arrested.

Video footage was recovered from Pacheco’s phone, filmed by a passenger in one of the vehicles and a specialist trained officer was able to estimate that the vehicles were reaching speeds of up to and in excess of 80mph on lanes with 30mph and 40mph speed limits.

Chief of Police Robin Smith said: “Islanders will no doubt be shocked and deeply concerned by the footage associated with this case. There’s no doubt in my mind that if someone had been coming in the opposite direction the outcome would have resulted in someone’s death or something very serious.

“There are often complaints of drivers tearing around the islands roads late at night in seemingly organised convoys. This custodial sentence should act as a deterrent to anyone else choosing to participate in this very dangerous behaviour. It’s as a result of painstaking collaboration between SOJP and the Law Officers Department and I thank them for their dedication and professionalism.”

Pacheco showed a complete disregard for the safety of the community by driving in this reckless manner and the States of Jersey Police are committed to catching those who offend in this way. 



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