Drug Sentencing

Yesterday [Monday 10 January 2022] the Royal Court sentenced 31 year old Fernando Costa to seven years in prison for drug offences.

Costa was arrested in February 2020 after Drug Squad officers executed a warrant at an address in Les Quennevais. A mobile phone seized during the warrant, showed a high level of contact with another man, Alexander Ferguson. Ferguson was arrested later in 2020, found guilty last November and will be sentenced in court this March.

The data from the phone revealed that Costa had been buying large amounts of cocaine valued between £31k and £62k over a period of time dating back to 2019.

Detective Sergeant Jim McGranahan who heads up the Drug Squad, said: “Almost all of the investigations we carry out concerning drugs are complex and time consuming. We continue to work together with the Law Officers Department (LOD) to ensure that the hard work put into each operation pays off and we keep illegal drugs and those who deal in the misery these drugs bring, off our Island’s streets.”


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