Lock It or Lose It

How often have you left valuables in your car in plain sight, or left your car unlocked and stashed the keys under the mat or in the sun visor?

States of Jersey Police are reminding motorists in the coming weeks to lock theirs cars in an attempt to stop thefts from unattended vehicles.

In 2021 police received 86 reports of theft that related to motor vehicles. These thefts included valuables stolen from inside vehicles and in some cases the vehicle itself.

Community Officer for St Helier, PC Alex Guelpa said: “Jersey is generally a safe place to live and we have probably all at some point left the car unlocked while we parked it somewhere. Although, we are lucky that statistics for these sort of crimes in Jersey is relatively low compared to towns and cities in the UK, it’s always best not to be complacent and to remove any temptation for opportunist criminals.

“We’ll be putting up some colourful posters in some of the public car parks as a friendly reminder to lock your car, take your keys with you and to hide any valuables you may have left in your car.”

The Force will also be utilising their social media channels to get the message across.




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