Life Sentence

Today [Wednesday 17 March 2021], 57 year old Jamie Lee Warn was sentenced to life in prison, with a minimum of 14 years and 2 months, after being found guilty, at a jury trial, of Zsuzanna Besenyei’s murder last November.

The re-trial lasted two weeks and the jury heard how the body of Zsuzsanna, was found on Le Pulec Bay in St Ouen in May 2018. Her car was discovered at low tide on the beach at St Aubin a few days earlier, sparking a missing person enquiry.

CCTV and passive data connected to mobile phone use proved invaluable in this case and helped secure this conviction.

Detective Chief Inspector Craig Jackson, who led the investigation said: “This was a lengthy and complex investigation and those involved were committed to finding the truth. Warn went to considerable lengths to cover his tracks and avoid detection and the sentence today, shows the gravity of the crime. Although nothing will bring Zsuzsanna back, we hope this result goes some way to helping her family to heal and come to terms with life without Zsuzsanna. I would like to thank the Besenyei family for their patience and understanding throughout.”


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